It is not eating or your weight that you fear or are seeking to control… Its your feelings.

Painful feelings around being different and wanting a sense of belonging.

Painful feelings around being unsafe and wanting a sense of protection and security.

These feelings feel unpleasant and intense; you do not know what to do with them. You fear they would destroy you or hurt someone else if you expressed them.

So, you keep your truth inside, and avoid the discomfort by under-eating or overeating. You bury your longings, and distract yourself by controlling your weight, innocently believing that weight loss would be the solution to your misery.

When the truth feels too heavy to bear, you bend over the toilet seat, and let the truth pour out of your being. You over-exert yourself through movement, and release what’s held within.

Suddenly, you find yourself back at square one, desperately seeking control over food and your body. So you conclude, and say to yourself, with great conviction, “There must be something wrong with me”