Your emotional sensitivity is a gift.

You feel and sense deeply

and this is neither a mistake

nor a character flaw.

There is nothing wrong with you

for being a deeply feeling human being.

I’m sorry if you were told otherwise.

Feeling deeply is beautiful

but it can also make day to day living hard.

Every little thing can easily

feel like ‘too much’

you might even mistake

someone else's feelings as your own

you may not understand

why it feels so unpleasant,

uncomfortable and terrifying

to live in your own body.





and other ways

of numbing out

may help to

lighten the weight of your

sensitivity (in the short run)

but you will never learn

how to hone and understand the gifts of

your deep feeling nature.

Discomfort is like the soil,

it is fertile ground.

It is filled with endless possibility for growth,

although it may not look like it.

Don’t run from the mud of your experience.

Learn to extend your roots into it

your blossoming awaits in the deep.

Nothing comes from running from pain

but more pain.

Your emotional sensitivity is a gift

you have yet to reclaim.

You do not need to hide it or abandon it

to be in relationship with yourself

and with others.

You can learn to live

in your beautiful,


and feeling skin.

Don't be afraid of yourself.

Your feelings will not kill you

regardless of how painful they may be.

They are only here to teach you,

guide you, and help you to

become the person you have always been longing to be.